5 reasons on why you should start using an app to send money abroad?

Money transfer is a very big deal. It is process of transferring money from one place or one banking institution to another. There are times when this money transfer has to be done on an international level. Money transfer has been there since ancient times. Earlier it has been documented that the templar knights had invented a system which was similar to the ATM and money transfer. Anyone carrying a definite note from a bank could withdraw the given value from any bank when he/she deemed it necessary and the matters of money were later settled between those two banks at the back hand later.  The mostly used methods of money transfer may include the various common ways which may include the following:

  • Electronic transfer which includes the transfer of funds from card to another account.
  • Wire transfer done usually internationally.
  • Older methods which include money order, money gram etc.

But the times are changing as we breathe every moment. The world has changed drastically since these older methods were used. We are living in an era of globalisation. If we look around and try and find if there are any international money transfer apps there might be many offering this service. Apps are the new way to do things online. These pieces of virtual technology have changed the life very much because one doesn’t have to log in to the website then open his/her account with the password and all now the international money transfer apps have the IDs already logged in and the user just has to confirm the transaction with his unique code and the transfer of money starts.

The reasons as to why one should use an international money transfer apps to transfer funds abroad are as follows:

  • Security: International money transfer apps like PayPal, Instarem, Tawipay etc. have a name to keep up in the international markets thus they provide a safe and secure environment to transfer your money abroad.
  • Easy: The usage of international money transfer app makes the transfer of funds very easy for the user. The interface of the app is very much user friendly and thus the user is able to do the work he intends to very easily.
  • Do it yourself concept: The international money transfer apps incorporate the do it yourself concept in the users as they help and lead the user into doing the money transfer himself/herself so that the user is never dependent on anyone else to do it.
  • Record: The usage of these international money transfer apps enables the storage of the record of all the transfer done by the user in the memory of the phone due to the functions of the app. This list might otherwise have been lost had it been on paper or sorts.
  • Easy customer service: The international money transfer apps have to attract the customers so they provide excellent customer service to their customers. Any discrepancies regarding transfer of money is dealt with very quickly.